My new obsession and a recipe for pickled onions

I have a confession to make –  I’m obsessed with jars, bottles and all things glass. I adore all shapes and sizes and can never get enough of them. I look at the jars first and the product inside it later. I wonder if I’m getting materialistic? But hey! I’m also thinking about nature and cutting down on the use of plastic 🙂

I recently received some glassware from Urbandazzle. Yes, yes the new website which sells crockery and other funky stuff . Urbandazzle sent me these lovely Italian made jars. I held them and felt the shape of the jars. The  grip and the smooth finish lead me to realize that I was holding, fine crafted glassware from a factory in Italy. Few years back I wouldn’t have imagined receiving glass in a courier. I was impressed that the jars were neatly packed and reached me without any scratch!

Coming back to my obsession, I store most of my sauces, pastes in glass jars for home use. I like to see variety in my kitchen and I’m always hunting for something new. I like to serve my sauces directly off the jars and found these jars to be  perfect for any table setting. First use for the new jars was preservation of my pickled onions off-course. They not only make any dish give a pink tinge but also gives a different flavour to my dishes. I recently topped my quinoa cutlets with pickled onions to give it a different twist!

Ingredients for Pickled Onions

500gms of onions, cut in rings

1 cup good quality vinegar, I used green apple vinegar

6tbs sugar

pinch of salt

1 bay leaf

2-3 star anise

6-7 cloves

2inch cinnamon stick

5-6 black pepper corns

In a small non-reactive pan bring all the ingredients excepts onions to a light boil. Add the onions and allow it to simmer for 30 seconds. Remove from heat and let it stand to cool. Once cool, bottle and refrigerate. The pickled onions should be able serve two people for upto a year.

I  found several ways to use the jars  – to store date & tamarind chutney left overs from my July cooking class. I also stored i2cook pesto for personal consumption and recently stored some pasta sauce for September cooking class.

You can buy these jars online and Urbandazzle can ship them anywhere in India.

And my obsession continues at pinterest….

One Comment on “My new obsession and a recipe for pickled onions”

  1. Charlene says:

    Thanks Megha 🙂 that was too damn simple and yummm…can’t wait to enjoy them with my dinner today !

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