Being an entrepreneur (part 2)

I’m angry today. Angry because people sometimes  don’t act professional. Please note that I’m not blaming anyone here. It is something that I’m getting used to…..

Coming from a small enterprise and I don’t think I haven’t even come close to what I would want to achieve. My journey seems to have become more and more difficult and I have found that “people” are the most difficult hurdle of any enterprise.

Your delivery boy decides to take a break suddenly and your client or vendor realizes that you need to be a bit more squeezed cause you are after all a “small enterprise”. Well, Infosys started from a garage and most of the pickle brands have started from a small kitchen. Why are we not trained to believe that even a small enterprise can think BIG. Being an entrepreneur may sound fancy but as an entrepreneur we are expected to think out of the box perennially. How do we deal with the daily chaotic mess that ends up taking your entire day. How do we deal with something as simple as a phone call ruining your mood because the other person decided not to think and talk without reason.

We fret, fume and frustrate over it but beyond that are we expected to keep thinking productive while others dont believe in you? I don’t think so…

Frustration and anger can grow on you and can also make you stop thinking. I felt it a few days back and sometimes feel it even now. Am I doing the right thing; we all go through this question a million times in our head, don’t we?!

I don’t want to impart any negative feelings. I’m pouring out and this is the best way I can :). I think the best way to deal with “people” is to stay calm, eat and then speak. Stay calm and listen, take a bite into that dark chocolate you’ve been hiding and speak up, clear any misunderstanding or confusion till it clears. At best laugh it off and make peace. You don’t want to treat or rather hurt the other person. After all we all need each other to build a community of our own.

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