Wake up and smell the coffee!

Marc’s Coffee is a unique blend of passion, motivation and correct knowledge about coffee. Marc’s coffee is a  selected Indian blend from  Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andra Pradesh. The key to any good coffee is the right amount of roasting. Marc’s blog gives a step by step procedure for roasting.

“ When I roast my senses are fully awake, its a sort of being in trance” the smell, hues and “crack” sound of the magical bean are whispering me how the process is going. Finally the moment of truth come and the roast is finished, knowing when to stop is the key for a great result. This is something that you acquire by practice and not from books – says Marc Tormo, founder of Marc’s coffee.

As for the future, Marc sees his involvement more into the roasting coffee business, from choosing the beans on selected organic growing places, to packaging and distribution: “India is now ready for a real coffee experience”, says Marc, “with a strong and delicate flavor, with social and ecological issues attached to it, with a good packaging; even the middle class is now ready to pay a little bit more for an exclusive product, whereas ten years back it was not possible…”

At i2cook store, we have two blends – Julien Peak & Buma Devi

Single-estate Selection 9 Arabica coffee, derived from two Ethiopian Arabica species: Tafarikela and Hybrido-de-Timor. Medium Roast. Good Acidity. Aromas: Floral and fruity notes, specifically citrus and ripe berries.

Tucked deep into the Shevarois Hills of Tamil Nadu, the coffee region of Yercaud is still off the beaten path for many roasters. These beans have been certified by Utz (Utz certification is a foundation for the worldwide implementation of a standard for responsible coffee farming & sourcing) for the owner’s sustainable agro-forestry methods, preserving the high-altitude natural forests. Indigenous species in and around the plantation give these beans rich aromatics to help develop their flavour. Julien Peak has a very delicate aroma, mild body and fine acidity. It is roasted at medium to enhance the fragrance and subtle notes of a high-grown coffee. Especially crafted for coffee connoisseurs, it’s best enjoyed after lunch along with some good chocolate!

A dry-processed high-grade Robusta and Arabica beans sourced from Coorg. Medium and dark roast. Medium Acidity. Aromas: Fruity notes of citrus from the medium roast and smoky notes from the dark roasted coffee.

The coffee is shade-grown in the forests of Coorg, Karnataka. The ripe cherries are handpicked and sun-dried, then winnowed and hulled to separate the bean from the dried skin. No water is used in the whole process.
Selected by colour, size and density, the peaberry beans which are round in shape and have a distinctive fruity taste. The blend is medium- dark roasted with some dark roast to give it a hint of a smoky fragrance. Buma Devi is best enjoyed in the morning with milk, as a wake-up call.

You can buy the products here and here.

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