i2cook’s pink mustard

pink mustard sandwich

What is pink mustard? No. Really?

I’ve been asked this question often by friends and consumers. A lot of them  wonder why its not pink in colour…

I’m happy that pink mustard has fared well in terms of its branding & taste. Its been over a year and I’m glad that it received  accolade from press, especially from Bangalore.

Customers and friends have been using  pink mustard in their own way – on crackers, marinades for fish or meat, in brinjal fry or in mayo. But there is one  recipe that  kept me amazed is the cucumber raita  made with vegan yogurt  by Tongue Ticklers.

I recently had some friends coming over for drinks and wanted to make some easy and stress free nibble. I had some sausages lying in the fridge and  used them up by mixing  it with some pink mustard (doesn’t require any extra oil and you could add some crushed pepper), grill in the oven at 180 centigrade for about 10-15 minutes or until browned and  ready to eat!

pic 392

If you’ve been using pink mustard in your cooking… Do share your handy tips 🙂


The above picture is clicked by the talented photographer, Joy Manavath. To view more of his beautiful creations for i2cook, hop on to  i2cook product  page.

Pandit style Rogan Josh served with Homemade Naan

naan & josh 1

Sunday is when I like to cook for my family. A well deserved lunch followed by a nap, well, sometimes. Instead of eating a  heavy cream or fat based rogan josh in a restaurant, I chose to cook some at home and relish it with some homemade naan. Ah, sounds blissful doesn’t it?! 😉

I stumbled upon this  Pandit style recipe from a Kashmiri chef, who also owns a restaurant in Australia. One look at the recipe and I knew I got what I was looking for :). This recipe is so easy and sure a winner! However, I encourage you to save some for the next day to relish it MORE!

Ingredients for Pandit style Rogan Josh

Adapted from “Thoughts from Ajoy”

1kg mutton (with bone), cut into desired size

2tbs  vegetable oil

1-inch cinnamon stick

2–4 whole black cardamoms

4–6 whole green cardamoms

6–8 cloves

1tsp peppercorns

1tsp fennel seeds

1tsp ground asafoetida

1½ tsp dry ginger powder

salt, to taste

1½ tbs Kashmiri chillies, ground

2 cups whole-milk yoghurt, beaten

Ground Marinade

½ tsp cinnamon
½ tsp green cardamoms
½ tsp  black cardamoms
¼ tsp  cloves
½ tsp  black peppercorn
½ tsp  fennel seeds
½ tsp  Kashmiri chillies

  • Marinate mutton with all the ground spices and set aside for about 15-30 minutes.
  • In a heavy-based saucepan heat the vegetable oil and  add cinnamon and black and green cardamoms.
  • Then add the cloves and peppercorns and increase heat.
  • Add the fennel seeds and marinated meat and mix. Cook until meat is caramelised.
  • Add the asafoetida and the ground ginger and cook for 1 minute.
  • Add salt and the Kashmiri chillies and fold into the meat.
  • Finally, fold the yoghurt into pan till it thoroughly coats the meat.
  • Cover the pan and cook for about 1 hour, or until the meat is cooked and the rogan (red oil) comes to the surface. Serve hot with naan or steamed Basmati rice. Serves 4.

I adapted the recipe for homemade naan using only yeast form here. I used the skillet or tawa method. Naan is best when had hot, otherwise it may go hard or rubbery. You could also substitute the refined flour with wheat or any gluten free flour.

naan & josh 2

pic 001


Cooking with locally produced spirulina pasta

spirulina pasta

When I first came across organic spirulina pasta, I was a bit hesitant. Yes, I know that  spirulina is good for your health, but my concern was the taste.

Spirulina pasta is a mix of both wheat & spirulina. Perfectly mixed to give you the correct taste of the spirulina without overpowering the spaghetti. The boiling instructions are clear on the packaging material. This pasta is not gluten free. Spirulina helps to fight against cancer, liver infection or allergic reactions.

Spirulina spaghetti can be cooked with any sauce of your choice. I’ve cooked this pasta with pesto sauce, tomato pasta sauce, roasted bell pepper dip or just olive oil, garlic & sun dried tomatoes – making it a perfect summer treat!

spirulina pasta 2

Simple pasta garnished with some Auroville parmesan cheese

I’ve personally met Anandi, who started KOFPU (Kottakarai Organic Food Processing Unit)  and creates some amazing products. She is a warm person and welcomes you with her contagious smile. She also runs a raw vegan restaurant in Auroville, dishing out  some of the best vegan smoothies and raw chocolate bars.

At i2cook.com we also stock  KOFPU’sorganic products like cashew butter, black sesame butter, neem leaf powder etc. We also stock locally produced cheese from Auroville like parmesan, feta, etc. Now, here is the best part :)… i2cook.com  delivers all these products at your doorstep all across India.

spirulina pasta 4

Spirulina spagetti mixed with roasted bell pepper dip