i2cook weekend learning sessions – i2instagram

i2cook was set from the ground up and we understand that learning new technology and protocols is imperative though not always desirable. However, since we wished to learn from those who have travelled the road, we decided to learn the tricks of success from 2 hosts who have already comprehended the best practices and will help us in aiming for our desires!

We wish to extend our learning to others who are facing similar difficulties; hence we have decided to use our office space to help others learn and network with our two hosts along with us. If we see your interest we may further extend such sessions into the future with your help and help more entrepreneurs.

In this new age of instagram, we thought why not hold an event for aspiring instagramers like us who would like to learn some fun tricks and trades of instagramming from successful predecessors. They have 1000+ followers on instagram and never fail to amuse you with their food pictures. Some times you just want to kill them for sharing all that yummy stuff.

Introducing host #1 Insia Lacewalla, famously known as @inses on instagram and @1NS1A on twitter. She runs her own gig Small Fry Co.  Insia is the angel who promotes/organizes food in all the rock shows and events. She brings delicious food to the less drunk people 😉

Introducing host #2 Anuja Deora, famously known as @misseatingout on instagram and @anujadeora on twitter. Anuja is currently a Managing Partner at Frozen Yogurt Inc (FYI), Juhu. Misseatingout left her corporate banking job in search of better pastures and found her calling in her love of food. She is veg and knows exactly the right places to eat in Bombay.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: entrepreneurs, home food creators, caterers, food industry aspirants and the food curious.

DATE: 10th August

TIME: 4pm onwards

WHERE: no.105, Building no. 5, Jogani Industrial Estate, Chunnabhatti, Sion east, Mumbai – 22. Call for directions 022- 24055308


RSVP: We appreciate if you could email us at i2cookn@gmail.com . Maximum people 15. Tea time snacks will be provided by us.

See you soon!

One Comment on “i2cook weekend learning sessions – i2instagram”

  1. Sigh I wish I was in India 😦

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