About The i2cook logo


Inspires you to eat healthy and tasty!

The i2cook logo has been conceptualized giving importance to the consumer of our products represented by “I” and the fork that brings in the element of “cooking” or “eating”. The leaf leg for 2 denotes i2cook’s commitment to organic cuisine and organic ingredients that we use to create our products.

Tag Line: ‘Inspires you to Eat Healthy and Tasty’

The tag line is represented in everything that our consumer eats or cooks when they consume our products. Healthy is generally at a tangent to tasty food and hence we bring both together in our product by providing nutrient rich organic products that are healthy and yet tasty while consumed.

Mission Statement

Our mission is, “To create healthy people by consistently adding organic taste in their life.”


To create organic share holder value at a healthy pace while providing ethical and professional service to our customers. We at i2cook will create tasty products from healthy ingredients that we test on ourselves before we convince consumers to believe in our products.


About the Founder: Megha


I’m Megha, who loves to cook .  There are so many inspiring cooks and one day I would like to be like them – i2cook ;).

Cooking for me is a passion and best when it’s  made simple….

I’m an explorer in this space and I love to explore through cooking, traveling and interacting with people of similar interests.

Why a food blog?
Food is always on my mind. Food blog reminds me to  consistently improve myself as a cook and inspires my curiosity for food as a subject. Your comments and little words of appreciation will encourage me to push myself harder  and to try different recipes that I would  explore to quench my passion and curiosity.
My recipes are made with the intention of being mostly gluten-free and organic. Innovating and experimenting with new ingredients gives me a high!

Going the Organic way…..

I was exposed to the concept  ‘Organic’ and it’s benefits in the year 2006 in Auroville when I was interning there as an Architect. Due to lack of attention or interest the concept only remained at the back of my head. I was again reintroduced to the concept in January 2011 at the Farmers Market. Since then I’m slowly transiting  to organic produce. It’s a choice that I’m gradually making.

What I do? 

The blog primarily  started off as a recipe blog and is gradually growing into a brand for handmade bottled products. I occasionally indulge in some bottled desserts. I’ve also started a new section called Reviews – reviewing new products & restaurants.

Coral – Dinner club

I’m a self-taught chef who loves to indulge in cooking from various regions of the world. The dinner is hosted by my husband and I. You can view the FB page  or visit Coraldinner website for more information.

Reviews by some well-known blogs – Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal. Eats, Feeds & Digs. Mizohican post1 , Mizohican post2

Cooking classes

i2cook cooking classes focuses on getting basic things right! We dish simple dishes from dips to sauces and also learn preservation techniques. At the end of the class we also love to network with each other.

Blog posts: Cooking like an Italian, Fun with dips

Would love to hear from you, itoocook AT gmail DOT com

All images and content belong to i2cook unless specified. If you would like to use any of the images or content, kindly email me or give a link to this blog.

2 Comments on “About”

  1. deval shah says:

    where can i learn to cook ? i am a complete novice . unfortunately i see lot of courses everywhere but they seem to be of a duration of a day or two …..I am skeptical abt what i might learn .Basically i feel even cooking is also education which needs to be of prolonged duration with systematic studies (perhaps like phyics , or geography ) Sorry , it tends to be a bad comparison but this is what i want to convey to you that you are taught gradually and in and organised fashion
    Could you help me with something

    • Megha says:

      Hi Deval,

      I must confess that I’m very happy to receive this note from you. I like it when men want to learn cooking 🙂
      The thought or the willingness to learn cooking is the first step and you seem to have covered that. Internet is your best tool for knowledge. There are a lot of you tube videos which can help you with the basics. It doesn’t matter if the dish doesn’t come out well in the first try. Try again and you may learn from your mistakes. Make kitchen your lab and don’t be afraid to experiment. It is your space and your only aim should be to rule 🙂

      I can also suggest one cook studio (if you are based in Mumbai) which conducts world cuisine and goes on for couple of days. Here is their FB page https://www.facebook.com/APBCookStudio. A hands on experience also gives you the confidence to go back home and cook the same dish. My experience with them for bread baking https://i2cook.wordpress.com/2012/09/29/baking-my-first-bread-one-of-a-kind-cooking-studio/

      All the best!


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