Salt to taste


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My encounter with different types of salts (non-iodized)  available in India has been recent and I thought that it will be good to share the same with you.

When I started using organic products, like most people I was not aware of different sources from where I can buy most of my supplies. Now things are more progressive! Most of the big supermarkets and gourmet stores stack up Indian salts along with some imported ones. I find the imported ones too expensive for my pocket and I think I’m going to try to make some of my flavoured ones at home soon Smile.   Meanwhile have a look at some of the varieties that I’ve tried.


Rock Salt

Very essential ingredient in my kitchen. I’ve been off refined/iodised salt when I was introduced to rock salt. It is used in all my daily cooking Indian or Western. You can also use them virtually in all your cooking like a regular salt and can  be used as a table salt too.

Brands that I have used for rock salt – Conscious food and Eco farms.


Sea Salt

I’m slowly getting used to this salt. It’s a little moist salt and takes time to judge as to how much to use.  Sea salt can be used in pickles, salads or in baking. You can also use them in gourmet cooking if you are up for some flavoured salts,  Heidi’s recipe for citrus salt.

If you are interested in making your own salt, try this! I wouldn’t dare to make some in Mumbai.

Brands that I have used for sea salt – Conscious food


Himalayan Salt Crystals

The crystals are pale pink in colour. However, when I grounded them they were more of pale white. It can be used similar to the table salt

Brands that I have used for sea salt – I bought some from a store in Auroville.

Black Salt a.k.a Kala Namak

An unrefined pinkish looking salt, found in both crystals and powder form. It is mostly used in Indian cooking like juices and chats.

Brand that I have used for black salt – Navdanya

So next time when you shop around, you know what to look for Smile.


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