i2cook weekend learning sessions – i2instagram

i2cook was set from the ground up and we understand that learning new technology and protocols is imperative though not always desirable. However, since we wished to learn from those who have travelled the road, we decided to learn the tricks of success from 2 hosts who have already comprehended the best practices and will help us in aiming for our desires!

We wish to extend our learning to others who are facing similar difficulties; hence we have decided to use our office space to help others learn and network with our two hosts along with us. If we see your interest we may further extend such sessions into the future with your help and help more entrepreneurs.

In this new age of instagram, we thought why not hold an event for aspiring instagramers like us who would like to learn some fun tricks and trades of instagramming from successful predecessors. They have 1000+ followers on instagram and never fail to amuse you with their food pictures. Some times you just want to kill them for sharing all that yummy stuff.

Introducing host #1 Insia Lacewalla, famously known as @inses on instagram and @1NS1A on twitter. She runs her own gig Small Fry Co.  Insia is the angel who promotes/organizes food in all the rock shows and events. She brings delicious food to the less drunk people 😉

Introducing host #2 Anuja Deora, famously known as @misseatingout on instagram and @anujadeora on twitter. Anuja is currently a Managing Partner at Frozen Yogurt Inc (FYI), Juhu. Misseatingout left her corporate banking job in search of better pastures and found her calling in her love of food. She is veg and knows exactly the right places to eat in Bombay.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: entrepreneurs, home food creators, caterers, food industry aspirants and the food curious.

DATE: 10th August

TIME: 4pm onwards

WHERE: no.105, Building no. 5, Jogani Industrial Estate, Chunnabhatti, Sion east, Mumbai – 22. Call for directions 022- 24055308


RSVP: We appreciate if you could email us at i2cookn@gmail.com . Maximum people 15. Tea time snacks will be provided by us.

See you soon!

Being an entrepreneur (part 1)

I have so many things running in my head that it’s not funny anymore. It has driven me out of my comfy bed, late in the night to come out and share with you about what I’m feeling.

It’s been a year (well almost) stepping into the shoes of ‘being an entrepreneur’. It took me a year to come out and write about my feelings not because it  didn’t matter but because I thought that I wasn’t ‘ready’.

A year (or even few months) back I didn’t even know whether I could call myself an ‘entrepreneur’. I always thought that I’m not ready for it..maybe not yet. But now I feel different.  Different because I want to blog more and share my experiences with you and not bury my emotions of  good and bad times that I have had.

Being from an architectural background and not practising it for sometime was a ‘ Big’ deal for  me at one point. My family and friends thought that I was a lost soul and that I wasted five years of studies for what – Cooking?!

When I started off my gig at the Farmer’s Market selling bottled products and making simple salads for people to relish. I realised that I was enjoying myself more than what I have done anything else in my life. The experimentation with products and cuisines is what got me started to start a small brand of my own – i2cook.

After the experimentation and getting some audience to taste what I cook – the next big question  was  – what next?

I chose a line with no experience what so ever and no one in the family doing the same thing. I just dived into the pool of ‘Retail’ – like they say there is always some room for more :).

Dealers, suppliers, payments, manufacturing, prospecting, pitching is all that life has been since I started. Sounds boring but trust me I never felt bored. I did have short bursts of frustration, when people would keep me hanging for months to just give an answer – not now, maybe later…. Arghhh.

But there have been some good times – when your family and friends realise that this is the only thing you want to do and start encouraging you. I have met some amazing people who saw something in me even before I was confident of myself, as a cook. I thank them from the bottom of my heart because people like them have kept me going.

Entrepreneurship is not an easy ride and it took me almost a year to call one myself. Everyone has their up’s and downs, mood swings or one of those pessimistic moments, but at the bottom of it all ‘Passion’ can only make you work and deal with anything that comes your way.

Goodnight and look forward to share more experiences with you.