Feed a child and save hunger!

(source: akshayapatra.org)

My family has been a member of Iskcon temple for more than 10 years. As a kid I remember sitting in the huge meditation hall in Bangalore and listening to the soothing chants. Even at the age of 14-15 years old; I would be transformed into a divine space and would feel internally at peace. I will not deny the fact that it was also their prasad that  used to make me come back for more….
During our darshin to the temple; one of the Iskcon representative came up to my Father and requested him to take some time off and explain to him about their new programme called mid-day meals for school children(that was the time when it first started in Bangalore). My father heard him out completely (now you have their website to tell you what exactly they are doing) and decided to contribute. Since then my father has been contributing in the name of the entire family.

Mid-day meals today feed 120million children and is still growing.The food is prepared in extreme hygiene condition; with centralized and decentralized kitchen (cooking activity takes place in an area close to school and the best part is that the women who cook are cooking for their own children).They have two menu set in for South Indian meal – consisting of rice, sambar and curd and North Indian meal – consisting of roti, sabji and rice.For more information on decentralized kitchen click on the video below.

You must be wondering how will your contribution/donation help….
– avoid classroom hunger,
– increase school enrolment,
– increase school attendance
– improve socialization among castes
– address malnutrition &
– empower women through employment
 (Source: akshayapatra.org)

Let us all take part and contribute in helping the children.

(source: akshayapatra.org)