Bottle them up!

Recently food bloggers in Mumbai celebrated the Terra Madre Day – an annual event celebrated on December 10 every year by the Slow Food network around the world. The objective of this day is to underline the importance of eating locally.

Rushina of A Perfect Bite & Nikhil of Nonchalant Gourmad organized a potluck dinner, where each blogger prepares something local or from the region to which they belong.

I participated in the event by making something sweet. Whenever we had any functions at home, we always had the maharaja/cook prepare malpua with rabri which is one of my favourite Indian desserts. I was short on time and wasn’t  sure about how the malpuas will turn out, so I decided to make shahi tukda/shahi tukra with rabri.

Shahi tukra is a rich dessert which originated from Hyderabad. There is no compromise on this dessert. If you want to enjoy the dessert for its true essence please don’t compromise on the ingredients.

You can serve the dessert either the traditional way by cutting the tukda in triangles or you can bottle them up like the way I did or even serve them in a nice fancy glass.

Warning: this dessert is not suited for the weak-hearted!

Serves 4-8

For Rabri

2ltr  creamed milk or buffalo milk (I used Govind’s organic milk)

5tbs raw sugar (organic – Conscious Foods)

1tsp pure vanilla powder (organic, available at Naturally Yours )

For Tukda/Tukra

4-5 slices Brown or white bread

ghee for frying (organic from Eco fresh, available at Naturally Yours)

1 cup raw sugar (organic – Conscious Foods)

1/2 cup water

1/2tsp vanilla powder (organic ,available at Naturally Yours)

2tbs chopped almonds/pistachios

Optional: 4-8 clean bottles or any fancy glass

For Rabri

Heat the milk in a heavy bottom pan on low flame. Keep stirring and allow it to boil and thicken. It will take about 1.5hrs for milk to thicken. Add sugar and allow it to blend and melt into the condensed milk. This will take another 10 minutes. Add vanilla powder and mix well. Allow it to cool.

For Tukda/Tukra

Cut the bread slices in triangles or stripes. Meanwhile keep the sugar syrup ready and should have a syrup like consistency. Let the syrup boil on  low flame. Heat ghee and deep fry the bread until dark brown. Take care not to burn them. Even a lightly burnt bread will hamper  the taste and spoil the dessert. Once done, transfer the tukda into the slow simmered sugar syrup. Stir it well so that the sugar is well coated.  Take it out of the pot and allow it to cool.


Place the  tukdas  into a tray and pour the rabri and sprinkle some almonds. Refrigerate for 2 hours before serving.

If using a bottle or a glass – break the tukdas into medium sized pieces and pour rabri and sprinkle some almonds. Layer them in two  and they work great visually.

Christmas & new year is around the corner and please please hop on to Dalal Enterprises and order their great meal (strictly for non-vegetarians) . My ‘star’ dessert also included. I’m also taking  dessert orders and have created a page with all the details. So hop on to order!

Farmers Market – Mumbai

This sunday was not a lazy sunday for me….I got up early than the usual, got ready and carried two cloth bags and went striaght to Bandra, National College Square. Why you may ask was the necessity for me to take up such a task on a sunday morning….I couldn’t resist the offer to visit a place, selling only organic products under one roof and directly from the farmers.

Kick start your buying with this nice hand-made paper hats
No question about it
Lovely Red pepper
Gorgeous Purple Cabbage
Fresh Mint
Asparagus - so rare to find fresh ones
Preparation table at one of the stalls
Indonesian Salad with peanut dressing – Gado Gado

There was a food stall serving Indonesian salad, Gado Gado. It is a mixed veggie salad with peanut sauce dressing. The base is mainly peanut butter.The best part about the salad what I noticed around was that,  even the kids enjoyed the veggies….looks like  peanut butter really worked with them.

For me it was a well spent sunday, sourcing out veggies like, cilantro, mint leaves, asparagus, purple cabbage, beetroot, red pepper. I also picked sonamasuri brown rice, sesame oil from Naturally Yours -they are based in Chembur and they deliver free of cost anywhere in Mumbai.

Farmers market is one of a kind in Mumbai, and started first by Kavita Mukhi, an entrepreneur and eco-nutritionist who founded the organic brand Concious Foods. Farmers market is scheduled every sundays from 10am to 4-5pm and updates can be found on their facebook profile. Don’t forget to carry your own bags this sunday. Have a great week.