Zabaglione, Italian Custard

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I’ve been visiting some organic stores in Bangalore and found the shop keepers promoting a lot of  local food.  Veggies and fruits are brought into the city from the nearby farms, twice in a week. I was  happy to find free range eggs in some stores. I’m constantly  been asked about  where to buy free range eggs in Mumbai and I direct some to a supermarket or a local chicken shop.

A few days in Bangalore and I’ve been treating myself with some avocados, free range eggs, buckwheat flour and mangoes. Talking of mangoes, I bought some delicious organic mangoes  (kesar and Ratna) in Mumbai from Ubay of  Hari Bari Tokri. Hari Bari Tokri is an initiative to grow and eat local produced food. Know more about them here.

Free range eggs & delicious mangoes, I knew instantly that I’m going to make some Zabaglione for my family. One of my favorite and the easiest dessert is Zabaglione. It is a nice creamy Italian custard which sure is a party stopper. I mostly make this dessert non-alcoholic. Traditionally this dessert is made with marsala wine (similar to port). You can also substitute  with some white wine or brandy.

You can top this custard with some crushed cookies, poached strawberries or caramelized pear. This time I’m using some farm fresh organic mangoes and making the best use of them! You can also use this custard in making a trifle with some sponge cake and seasonal fruits. I found this article  for some handy tips.

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5 egg yolks

200gms full fat cream

6tbs raw sugar

1tsp lemon zest

Seasonal fruit like mango, pear, strawberry

White wine or marsala wine (optional)


1. Bring a half pot of boiling water to a simmer and reduce the heat to low.

2. Place egg yolks, and sugar in a large, round-bottomed stainless steel bowl. This is the bowl that will go over the simmering water.

3. Add lemon zest to the yolk mixture.

4. Set the bowl containing the egg mixture over the pot of water. (The bottom of the bowl should not touch the water)

5. Whisk the custard mixture gradually adding in the Marsala wine until it is all in.

6. Whisk for about 10 minutes until the mixture froths up.

7. Once it reaches a thicker consistency remove the bowl from the boiling water and continue whisking for a bit to prevent the custard from sticking to the sides. Add cream and mix well.

8. Serve chilled with your desired topping. Serves 5.

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