Kothambir vadi with pink mustard

DSC_0882   Kothambir vadi (coriander fritters) is my favorite snack from Maharastra  which is made from fresh coriander leaves and chickpea flour. This is further steamed and pan-fried or deep fried. I prefer the pan-fried as it uses less oil and  tastes great too! I’ve given the traditional kothambir vadi an i2cook twist by adding some of our pink mustard. Pink mustard is a versatile product which is made from organic ingredients like yellow, balk mustard, turmeric powder and cold pressed soy oil. Pink mustard is a deli style mustard which contains no sugar. Kothambir vadi with pink mustard can be served as an appetizer or a tea-time treat with chai.


3 cups chickpea flour (besan)

2 cups cleaned, chopped coriander leaves

4-5 green chillies (add more if you like yours more pungent)

2-3 garlic cloves 1 tbs pink mustard

1/2 tsp roasted cumin powder

1 tsp toasted sesame seeds

rock salt to taste

1 tsp ground oil and some extra for pan frying

(All ingredients used to make this dish are organic)


  1. Pound the green chillies and garlic into a paste in a mortar pestle.
  2. Mix corriander leaves, besan, garlic & chilly paste, mustard, sesame seeds, oil, salt, cumin powder and water in a bowl until it forms a hard dough. Shape into a log or any desired shape.
  3. Steam the log for about 20-25 minutes and check for doneness by inserting a skewer and coming out clean.
  4. Allow it to cool. Cut the cooled log into 1 cm slices. Heat about 1 tbs of oil in a pan and pan-fry the vadis in batches on both sides until golden brown and crisp. Serve hot with some i2cook’s pink mustard.

DSC_0910 DSC_0902

i2cook’s pink mustard

pink mustard sandwich

What is pink mustard? No. Really?

I’ve been asked this question often by friends and consumers. A lot of them  wonder why its not pink in colour…

I’m happy that pink mustard has fared well in terms of its branding & taste. Its been over a year and I’m glad that it received  accolade from press, especially from Bangalore.

Customers and friends have been using  pink mustard in their own way – on crackers, marinades for fish or meat, in brinjal fry or in mayo. But there is one  recipe that  kept me amazed is the cucumber raita  made with vegan yogurt  by Tongue Ticklers.

I recently had some friends coming over for drinks and wanted to make some easy and stress free nibble. I had some sausages lying in the fridge and  used them up by mixing  it with some pink mustard (doesn’t require any extra oil and you could add some crushed pepper), grill in the oven at 180 centigrade for about 10-15 minutes or until browned and  ready to eat!

pic 392

If you’ve been using pink mustard in your cooking… Do share your handy tips 🙂


The above picture is clicked by the talented photographer, Joy Manavath. To view more of his beautiful creations for i2cook, hop on to  i2cook product  page.

Milestones for 2012. The journey continues…..

Half way through the month of January and I wanted to share some of my  experiences;  some  professional and some personal. This post is dedicated to what I’ve achieved and what I would have liked to achieve last year.

2012 has been a year of learning for me. I was focusing on honing my skills and getting down to basics. Some professional:

  • We introduced “pink mustard” as a new branding for our mustard and was appreciated by the consumer.
  • Peanut butter on the other hand is considered one of the best peanut butter available as of today.
  • Granola bars were the highest selling product without any marketing  push.
  • i2cook organic store got really good response and we got in products that were not easily available in the market.
  • Our products are now, not only available in Mumbai but also Bangalore and Mysore.
  • i2cook gifting.

Ethiopian Spread – Injera (made with nachini/ragi flour) served with Doro Wat (chicken stew), Mesir wat (red lentil stew), Ethiopian style spiced butter flavoured greens, Tomato salad & Ethiopian cheese. The spread is served with Niter Kibbeh (spiced clarified butter)

Some personal:

  • I tried different cuisines from Ethiopian to Indonesian and attempted to get as close to the original taste for Coral. The toughest cuisine was Ethiopian and injera (Ethiopian flatbread, similar to dosa and fluffy like appam) being the most nerve jangling dish for me. I was very nervous about the batter for injera, which is fermented for 4-5 days and if things went wrong the entire cuisine would have fallen apart. Injera is made with teff flour and I substituted with pearl millet/ragi flour. The response was excellent and was one of the most well-appreciated and colourful of dishes.
  • I started baking and the first thing that I baked was a whole wheat bread.  Now I can’t stop baking 😉
  • Exposure to new ingredients like nutritional yeast flakes, blackstrap molasses, chia seeds, cocoa nibs, millets, coconut sugar etc.
  • 90% of the ingredients  in my kitchen for everyday cooking is organic 😀
  • Conducted two i2cook cooking classes successfully.
  • Gaining experience in retail – coming from an architectural background is not easy!
pic 012

Sachin, a special child and very hard working. He loves to sing and dance.

2012 has also been a year of hiring people and working together. The highlight for me was to meet Dilshad of Mann – centre for individuals with special needs, who gave me an opportunity to be a part of their family. I’ve never been with or around a special child and even though I had decided that I will try this new experience, I was a bit nervous. Scared that I may be faced with hyper activity and may not be able to control the situation. I was wrong!

Each child is assigned to you taking the work and place into consideration. I’ve hired two kids and I’m training them in packaging, labels, hygiene etc. They have shown really good results and it’s really a pleasure working with them. They really know how to put a smile on my face even after a long and tiring day at work.

Looking forward to 2013 –  professional and personal:

  • Introducing new product range for i2cook. We’re aiming at four new products this year.
  • Launch of i2cook.com.
  • Hiring more special children and training them to have a better life.
  • Recipe videos.
  • Collaborating with other brand(s) and producing products – some products are so unique that no Indian brand is doing it.
  • More baking! 😀
  • Trying different cuisines for Coral – networking dinner which my husband and I execute.

I hope you enjoyed reading my first blog post of 2013. I look forward to reading your milestones for 2012/13 in the comment box. Happy cooking!