Lets spin some salad!

I’m excited to share with you my experiences with food and kitchen gadgets. It’s sometimes difficult to make the right choice when it comes to even buying a bottle of jam or mustard from a retail shelf. There is so much of variety in the market that as consumers it becomes a bit confusing. I go through it all the time. So I decided that every time I get my hands on  a new product, I will test it out and let you know about it 🙂

I’ve been looking for a salad spinner since a year and never knew that it is  available in India. Until recently I chanced upon Home Collective’s FB page, selling salad spinners.  I was super trilled to discover. Life is simple now!

Salad spinners are not only meant to make your life easier but they also help salad leaves to last longer and give crunchiness to your leaves..The beauty of this product is that it is designed so simple that it is not complicated at all to handle. It is a very simple gadget to have in your kitchen, provided you are a salad eater like me :).


  • It does not require any electricity, which means that you can spin your salad manually
  • It is  easy to handle and use
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • You can even spin your herbs in smaller quantities too
  • You can use delicate fruits like strawberries, mulberries.


It is a little bigger than I thought and requires some storage space in your shelf/cupboard.

Available at Home Collective & The Gourmet Company (online store), India.

psst…Did I tell you that I won a salad spinner recently for entering my salad in a contest- Spinach, Strawberry & Ricotta cheese Salad.

If you want your salad leaves to last for a week and are a bit fussy. Then, there is another way of drying your salad leaves and they say it works!

My first salad with  my new salad spinner. ooohhh I’m so happy 🙂
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